Women’s bicycle industry in Latin America


It is not a secret: the sports for women are a big boom.

Women’s  sporting goods industry has been growing very fast the last 10 years: just take a look in your local market, the quantity of women who exercise or women athletes is huge, indeed, the best brands worldwide have their specialized lines of products for women like Nike, Specialized, Scott sports, Liv Giant, Cannondale or Trek. Many of these brands have been working to develop  special areas in their stores or women stores.


Women are revolutionizing  the industry. They are sophisticated, they love innovation, special designs, specific products, style and colors. They are very powerful in social media as well: for women, the best channels used to obtain cycling information are online publications, blogs, brands websites and social media, actually, the highest rates of engagement in social media come from women. Women are an incredible opinion leaders and have an important  participation in the purchase process.

In Latin-America the boom has officially started. Of course our market is young and the business has just begun, but with the internet revolution, women want specific products and services and they want it now.

In countries like Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina,  business potential is huge. According to IV Worldwide Bicycle Forum, Medellin, Colombia; some cities from Latin-America have started to use bicycles as primary transportation: In Santiago, Chile, there are around 1.100.000 bicycle commutes per day and this puts it in second place in Latin-America, just after Bogota, Colombia. The rate in Chile is around 7%, very similar to European countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Belgium.

The cities with the highest rate of bicycle for the women segment are Montevideo (40%), Córdoba (38%), México City (38%), Santiago (17%), La Paz (15%) and Medellin (5%). In Brazil the situation is similar, the woman segment has been growing arround 300% in the last 6 years.


(Font: Emol.com) (Font: Constanza Martínez Gaete – Plataforma Urbana)

Besides the use of the bicycle for daily transportation, women have started to use the bicycle in others segments such as XC, Enduro or endurance challenges like Road bikes or triathlon.

For example, In Chile, 20% of active triathletes are women, and in the Enduro National championship 10% of the riders are women. Brazil in 2015, received for the first time L’Étape Brasil by Le Tour de France, an event organized by Le Tour de France, with almost 2000 cyclists where 11% were women – compared with just a 5% of participation in the same event in Europe.

(font: http://www.trichile.com) (Font: http://www.montenbaik.com)

Unfortunately, local brands have failed to satisfy product demand in the right way so far, and most of the times these consumers have to search in the international online market for products that the local market does not offer, or even sometimes they have to buy men products.

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